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328-900 STUD

These studs are used to attach MGA, MGB, Midget, intake and exhaust manifolds to cylinder head, and a few other applications. September 15, 2003, 9:22am EDT e-mail report of soft manifold studs stripping threads. Another similar report at evening club meeting same day. Reported to Moss Motors September 17 early AM. Resolved at Moss by 5:00 pm PST. Give those guys an "A" for quick response. Copy of Moss in-house problem trace report follows:

328-900 STUD -- AHY, MGA, MGB, SPM, TRI (FHS2513) B11-01I
328-910 STUD, MANIFOLD -- AHY, MGA, MGB (FHS2515) B17-01B

...., NC 27587
919-483-xxxx ....

QUESTION /PROBLEM Based on purchase of 470-120 Grille Piping, customer has an MGA. Customer has purchase two parts from us, the piping and a Lucas Sports Coil.
GLENN: “hi - has anyone purchased and installed any moss manifold studs in the last few months? I had the pleasure of installing my exh + carb manifolds yesterday and as I tightened up the nuts: ALL manifold studs FAILED! The cheap crappy threads just collapse as if they were alluminum. Using both old and new nuts, the results were consistent for all 6 studs. The nuts look perfect and the studs disintegrate - way to go Moss! Are these made in good old Asia too? They fail way before coming close to desired torque. I was able to actually remove the threads from the stripped stud with my fingernail. There is NO excuse for skimping on parts like studs which must be hardened steel and which are vital components. I have reported the problem to moss via email, and let my supplier know as well... a lot of good that will do - I need satisfactory studs today, now! “
[MG: Another person on the list asked if he had over tightened them. His response.]
Glenn: “I believe the spec was for 20-25 LBS, but I would have to check again with my manual.... these studs were a bad joke....I hadn't even gotten the torque wrench out - just pre-tightening to make them snug when they failed....”

328-900 (Ill # 5) and 328-910 (Ill # 6) are both purchased from a vendor in the UK. They are used in a variety of cars, as manifold studs, exhaust manifold to downpipe, etc. We has sold over 10,000 328-900, and over 6,000 328-910. We have had one complaint of poor quality since Nov 99.

That said, I pulled 4 of each stud from stock. Each one was threaded into a cylinder head, and a stack of manifold washers was placed on the stud, followed by a 5/16 UNF G5 Nut. They were tightened using a torque wrench, staring at 10 lbs-ft. Every stud failed between 12-17 lbs-ft Based on vendor notes, we had another batch from the same vendor in 2001 that we scrapped for the same reason.

Studs from our current UK Supplier are not suitable for sale.

What did we tell the customer?

Moss US:
17-Sep-03 Using a torque wrench, nuts were tightened on four samples of each stud. Starting at 10 lbs ft, the nut was tightened until the threads on the stud failed. All 8 studs failed between 12 and 17 lbs-ft.
    LAC flagged as NSQ under both numbers.
    Source file comments:” NSQ flag set this date: Customers reporting failed studs. Test 4 studs from stock- all failed between 12-17 lbs-ft.”
    Primary Vendor changed to ARB
    WH2 asked to pull stock & transfer same to WH1 Returns.
    Mr. Vickers called most recent customer 7-273938 Tilley and told him not to use the studs.
    We have asked ARB to confirm specs of studs
        328-900 ARB No ES014Z, Stud, 5/16 UNF x 1 3/4 IN. One end threaded ½ inch. The other end threaded ¾ inch.
        328-910 ARB no AH019Z, Stud, 5/16 UNF x 1 7/8 IN. One end threaded ½ inch. The other end threaded ¾ inch.

Moss US:
Get confirmation from ARB that their studs are what we want
Get them on order.
Where can we get some immediately?

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