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Note: This problem has been corrected. See "Addendum" at bottom of page.

Refer to Moss Motors part number 263-260 U-Joint (repair yoke) for steering coupling on all MGA and chrome bumber MGBs.
replacement snap ring does not fit
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original snap ringreplacement snap ring

Original snap ring - - Replacement snap ring - - New one does fit .

This is a u-joint repair yoke for the steering coupling of all MGA and chrome bumper MGBs. Notice pictures above. The square wire snap ring supplied with this part number does not fit. This part was purchased in September 2002. I reported this problem to Moss Motors on March 11, 2004, and the problem still exists at that time. The listing in the Moss MGB-0402 catalog it says "circlips not included" (but not in catalog MGA-0402). Problem is that the circlips included in the package with the u-joint cannot be compressed enough for installation. I re-used the original snap rings for my replacement, no problem as long as you don't break or lose them.

Solution: Notice - this part DOES still exist in Moss inventory. There are two different parts available. -- See following remarks AND addendum below.

This 263-260 part with the ill fitting snap rings will likely be kept in stock (at least for a while) as a value priced alternative, and will (eventually) be labeled "aftermarket". They may in the future kit this part with the correrct snap rings. In the meantime the description should "suggest 263-265".

A new part number 263-265 is assigned to a different part already packaged with correct snap rings but at a higher price, apparently true to OEM specifications.
Addendun 7/16/04:
Per Moss Motors: The 263-260 u-joint is now packaged with (4) 263-261 snap rings with correct fit. As such, this part is no longer "faulty", but can be properly installed with hardware provided. It will continue to be listed as "Aftermarket" as a value option. The 263-265 u-joint is genuine Hardy Spicer, always a perfect fit, and is advertised as the premium part (for originality).

Per Barney Gaylord: If you're wondering what the difference is, the last time I installed a 263-260 u-joint I noticed that it had slightly smaller diameter needle rollers, but maybe more of them (because they still fill the full compliment around the journal). The seal covers may be a little different (all rubber on the aftermarket part).

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