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BAD RUBBER - Swivel Link Seals -- FT-018

At 09:51 PM 7/5/04 -0700, Mac Askari wrote:
".... Moss's Dust Seal cover part # 281-388. I bought a set when I was restoring my TD two years ago and they fell apart before I even got the body on the car. Second time around I bought a set for my MGA in a rubber kit. They were installed about a year ago as part of a frame off restoration. The frame is still on the jack stand and these are falling apart ...".

Broken rubber seals
The parts in question are the 280-580 seals which are part of the 281-388 seal set.

    Response from Moss Motors on 7/7/04:
"The 281-388 Seal Set has
four 280-570 Swivel Pin Seals (roughly 1 1/8 inch 0D)
eight 280-580 Seals, suspension link (roughly 1 1/2 inch OD)"

"The 280-570 seals have been made for us for years. They are made from DuPont Neoprene rubber, and they are all marked "ACG4030 LIFETIME". These letters are molded into the rubber around the "base" or fatter end of the seal.....

The 280-580 Seal has been supplied to us by our English Division, and on examination I find we have two different types of seal in the bin. Some are plain (no marking on them at all) and some have the text "RN-0994" molded into the outside surface. Again, if you could send me the remains of the failed seal I will be able to see which version is the problem.

Your assistance in this investigation is appreciated."
Addendum 7/19/04:
From Mac Askari:

"The bad seals are the one with numbers embossed in them. I let Mike Grant know about this and mailed him a few of the bad seals. He sent me replacements ...."
Addendum 7/19/04:
From: "Grant, Michael" <>

We have samples of both in jars of oil, grease, anti-freeze and gas. The plain unmarked ones seem inert, while the ones with the numbers on them are swelling tremendously.

Thanks for the update.

I will send Mac another 16 (unmarked) seals.

Best Regards,
Michael Grant
The bad seals are being removed from inventory, no longer being shipped. Anyone having seals in their possession with the numbers "RN-0994" molded into the outside surface beware. The plain ones with no markings should be good to use.

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