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BAD RUBBER - Grommet for float bowl banjo bolt -- FT-020

At 02:29 AM 8/18/04 -0400, Tom Pollak wrote:
".... One of the two rubber grommets (Moss Part # 370-020) was deteriorated and parts of it were in the banjo bolt and in the passage to the fuel bowl!! Interestingly, one of the grommets had a number 600/15 on it and this was the one that was disintegrating. The other, unnumbered grommet showed some age but was in otherwise good shape. .... These were installed 6/23/03 according to my maintenance log book [just over one year earlier]."
deteriorated rubber grommets for float chamber
There were other reports of this problem in late 2003 and into early 2004. Moss Motors froze inventory on January 27, 2004. They subsequently did soak tests and found some parts in stock that were bad. The bad parts were purged from inventory. Another source has been found for suitable parts, new parts put into stock on May 3, 2004. Any parts shipped more recently should be okay.

If you have any of these parts in your posession, check for markings on the parts. Pieces bearing numbers 600/15 would be the bad parts. If you received these parts from Moss Motors before February 2004, they may be bad. I guess I should have posted this when reported back in October 2003, might have saved a few inquires. But all should be well for any new parts now.

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