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Front Suspension Trunions

This is just a heads up for a small assembly problem. Moss Motors was notified of this problem on 12 Aug 05. I have no response form them, so I might assume they intend to ignore this small problem indefinitely.

The front suspension swivel link thrust washer (Moss part number 324-510) may be too thick (as much as .012" thicker than original maximum spec). Also the seal support (Moss number 264-010) is about 0.005" thicker than the originals. These parts are included in the MGA Major Suspension Kit (Moss 264-358 or 264-348) and in the MGB Lower Trunnion Kit (Moss 263-445).

Oversize thrust washers and seal supports combined could make the trunion assembly more than 1/32 inch too wide, making assembly with the suspension arms undually difficult (but not impossible). The solution is to loosen the cross bolt in the middle of the MGA shock absorber arms to spread the arms apart during installation of the upper trunion. for the lower trunnion you need to loosen two bolts in the a-arm closest to the trunnion to spread the brackets apart to accept the wider trunion assembly.

For more details, see front suspension tech.

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