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BAD CONDENSER (Mallory) -- FT-057

I must admit, I post this page largely because this part has ticked me off personally. After carrying the banner for the quality of Mallory Ignition parts for 20 years, this one as let me down (twice). Previously the Mallory condensers have lasted several years and close to 100,000 miles. In late 2012 I had one fail in 18 months and 9000 miles, followed by another failure in 2 months and only 257 miles. I now use some generic condenser on my Mallory distributor.

On 2/16/2013 -0700, Ken Roscoe in Sacramento , California, USA wrote:
"Mallory Dual Point Distributor - I'm on my third ignition condenser in 500 miles. I'm using a Lucas sport coil and buying the [Mallory] factory condenser - never had this problem. HELP!".

In light of multiple recent reports like this, I suppose Mallory ran into a production batch of bad parts. My best advice is to avoid Mallory condensers for a few years, by which time the current inventory should be used up (or tossed in the trash if Mallory gets their act together).

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