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COOLING FAN Wrong Pitch -- FT-059
MGA Cooling Fan, BMC #AEG129, Moss Motors #460-930

At 08:30 PM 4/8/2013 +0200, John Barrett wrote:
"I attach a picture showing the difference in the angles of attack of a new yellow fan bought from Moss (UK) and the original maroon Twin Cam fan".
Two cooling fans, one with wrong pitch angle.

Moss Motors USA has been notified on April 10, 2013. They replied that they will be flow testing the original and new fans in a real car. Almost certainly the new one will move less air. It will be interesting to see the difference, and to make some judgment or estimate as to the overall effect on cooling.

Many MGA with replacement radiator or replacement grille seem to have cooling problems, and it often appears to be a case of insufficient air flow. Any reduction of air flow might be significantly detrimental to the situation, but we need the air flow test and comparable temperature readings to determine if this is serious enough to abandon the reproduction parts. So now we wait for the test results.

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