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CRANKSHAFT Bad Machining, Spigot Bushing Hole -- FT-072
Victoria British 2-9227-R

Replacement for BMC  1H753 (for 1500 engine)
Replacement for BMC 12H54  (for 1600 engine)
Replacement for BMC 12H165 (for 1600 engine)

On 29 August 2014, SS "Sandy" Sanders in Florida, USA, wrote:
"A good friend of mine has just installed a new crankshaft from VB. Nothing else has been replaced. Clutch alignment tool works fine-transmission inserts fine yet with 3/16 inch to go it tightens up and locks the crank from turning without the transmission being up flush. I suspect the the hole in the crankshaft for the pilot bushing is not deep enough. Engine is coming back out in the morning. It is a new crank from Victoria British".

"I just had a talk with the crankshaft owner. He measured the depth of the pilot hole new versus original and it is 3/16" more shallow. He contacted VB this morning and the answer was "send it back".

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