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Since this has been requested a few times, and someone gave me the drawing, I will post it here. Assembly of this part is shown in MG Series MGA Workshop Manual, page MMM.8, figure MMM.9. Click for full scale drawing in PDF format.

Tunnel bracket drawing
Tunnel bracket
Tunnel bracket

Tunnel bracket This image from the Workshop Manual shows orientation of these brackets with flat sides facing each other. It might be easier wrenching the other way around, but if reversed the top edge would be slightly closer to the propshaft, and the rear bracket might be a little closer to the Zerk fittings.

The Service Parts List calls for five short bolts and three longer ones. The longer bolts go on the right side to accommodate thickness of the hand brake mounting flange. Seven of the bolts are assembled with heads on outside of the tunnel for minimal bump under the carpet. The last bolt, top front on the right side, is a shorter bolt installed with head inside the tunnel, because it cannot be inserted from outside with the hand brake ratchet segment in the way.
Parking brake handle mounting

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