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ROLL BAR, Vintage/Period Style #3 - FR-305

Here is one similar to the one on the prior page, with a two significant differences. The top bar is lower so the rag top can be fitted if required (but cannot be stowed without removing the roll bar). It also has the additional cross bar fitted that allows for fixing a full harness seat belt. This MGA MK-II belongs to David Hutchings in Australia.

Keep in mind that these roll bars are "Vintage, period style". This means they may have been legal back in the day when they were first installed and approved for competition use. That approval may carry forward to modern times, being "grandfathered" in the rules, as long as the car remains registered and active in the racing environment. If the same roll bar was newly installed today it would not be accepted for competition use, being too low and not having required rear brace bars near the top corners of the main hoop.

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