The MGA With An Attitude

I almost hate to mention this one because it is so widely known. This is another aftermarket fuel pump, made by Facet, widely available (for a pretty price) from most of the larger British parts suppliers. It is solid state and generally reliable. It has female pipe threads on both sides, so it plumbs easily with male threaded hose barbs. It can be used with either positive or negative ground, with the red wire being positive. And it can be mounted with two 1/4 inch bolts.

I don't personally recommend this one, primarily because it's VERY NOISY, sounding like a irate woodpecker when it runs, but it seems there are a lot of them around. Mounted to the steel frame of an MGA it's noisy enough. Mounted to a sheet metal body panel, the noise can be downright maddening. If you happen to find yourself using one of these, there is a way to stifle the noise. See next page.

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