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Thanks to Jonathan Hillyer for the tip ln finding these parts. If you happen to find yourself using one of the noisy aftermarket fuel pumps, there is a way to silence the beast. This is easy, and not much of a trick at all. The picture shows a pair of small rubber isolator mounts. These are 1 inch long with 7/8 inch hex ends, and 6 MM (almost 1/4 inch) threaded studs on both sides. Just install a pair of these little nubbins under the fuel pump using the same holes you would if the pump was bolted directly to the panel. It raises the pump an inch from the panel, and puts a nice damper on the noise.

These came from a local NAPA store, not in stock but easily ordered from the nearby warehouse. The NAPA part number is EXH 35144 (2 required), with list price of $1.99 each (Nov.2004), hex nuts and lockwashers included ($4.29 each Nov.2015).

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