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AFTERMARKET FUEL PUMP - Quinton Hazell -- FP-205

Here's an electronic fuel pump that is a direct replacement for the original SU fuel pump, considerably less expensive, and does not require cutting the steel lines or using hoses.

At 01:15 PM 11/17/2008 -0700, Francis French wrote:
>>"I've just installed a Quinton Hazell fuel pump in place of my defective MGA pump. This pump model QFP172E. It was a MGB pump but the price was right, so I bought it.

Note: The QH part number for their MGA fuel pump is QFP170E.

>>"Ken Miles suggested the Banjo fittings off the MG carburettors. Sure enough they were the same and would allow me to hook up the pump without having to cut the pipe for rubber hose. The output opening is the same size as the one on the MGA fuel pump. The input was the same size on the QH pump but the input on the A was smaller so the MGB input fitting was used."

Note: Presumably this mix and match of parts may be avoided if the QFP170E pump is used for the MGA.

>>"It fit on the mounting bracket just fine. I had to tap the mounting holes to match the old MGA bolts. The spade or Lucar connections on the back of the pump are bolted on so I was able to remove them and install the original wiring. There is also a ground I ran from the pump to the mounting bracket. At the time it cost me about the same as the third party US pumps and nice to know it's electronic as well and made in Germany so should be a good one."

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