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Fuel Line Failure, Unusual - FU-120

This photo and note supplied by John Backman in Washington, USA, January 30, 2011.
Cracked crimp fitting on fuel hose
"I discovered a long crack in the fitting at one end of the fuel pipe to carb hose. (See the picture). This is a Moss part, 376-350 purchased and installed June, 2006 (4-yr 7-mo in service). It is not leaking but had the crack developed on the other side I might have gone some time before I noticed it or it started leaking. If anyone one else has seen a similar defect please share". -- John

From Barney:
For an immediate fix you can remove the crimp shell and install a hose clamp.

This is a new one to me. I have Moss supplied fuel hoses, the Teflon lined ones with stainless steel braid on the outside. These have been in service for more than 24 years and 236,000 miles. That Teflon bore liner is a godsend with modern motor fuel. This part number is the same Teflon lined hose.

On the original question, no cracked fittings for me. Since there are two parts with similar fracture immediately identified, it is likely there are more. This looks like a manufacturing problem, either brittle metal or over zealous crimping. Hopefully it may only be common to a single production run, number of parts not known, but figure aproximately 2005 to 2007 sales period. This kind of fatigue crack may appear only after many years of use. As such the time from new to failure may be essentially impossible to predict, at least until you document at least a dozen failures with well know time log. Meanwhile, everyone take a few minutes to check their existing parts, and maybe review the purchase date.

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