The MGA With An Attitude
Ball Bearing, FRONT for MGA and early MGB Gearbox - GT-117A
Cross Reference List

Generic dimensions:
1.3750" (34.93mm) ID x 3.0000" (76.2mm) OD x 0.6875" (17.46mm) Width
With External Retaining Ring
6K8985 - Bearing, GB input shaft, 1500 - (with external groove and retaining ring)
97H512 - Bearing, GB input shaft, 1500 Com. (G) A1861, Fin (G) MS8010
6K885 - Bearing, GB input shaft, 1500 Com. (G) MS8011, all 1600 and Twin Cam
ball bearing

Ball Bearing, Gearbox Front all MGA and early MGB through 1967. 1113232 NISSAN 127-200 Moss Motors Ltd USA 2-2001 Victoria British Ltd 6K529 BMC, British Leyland 6K885 BMC 6K885 Brown & Gammons B3052G BAP GEON ball bearing Manufacturers 11132-32 NISSAN 119G SPORTSCAR 8110435 NASCO LJ138G R&M LJ138N RHP LJ138NR RHP LS1212K FAG RLS11N SKF RLS11NR STEYR

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