The MGA With An Attitude
Ball Bearing, CENTER for MGA and early MGB Gearbox - GT-117B
Cross Reference List

Generic dimensions:
1.125" (28.584mm) ID x 2.8125" (71.44mm) OD x 0.8125" (20.64mm) Width

6K528 Ball Bearing, Gearbox Center all MGA and early MGB through 1967. 127-900 Moss Motors Ltd USA 2-2003 Victoria British Ltdball bearing 121153 BMC 226300 BMC 3619 BMC 503791 BMC 5332Z37 BMC 2K5880 BMC 6K528 BMC ATJ1017 BMC S2506 BMC YF3534 BMC Manufacturers 1F3534 6K528 ENASA MJ-1-1/8 RHP MS11 FAFNIR MS11 NORMAHOFF MS11 FBC P43652 SINGER RMS9 JAF RMS9 L&a,p;SBRG RMS9 NSK RMS9 STEYR Applications 0000900170 ISUZU 0000900560 ISUZU 540009 CHRYSLER 9188096 CHRYSLER P43652 CHRYSLER

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