The MGA With An Attitude
Ball Bearing, REAR for MGA and early MGB Gearbox - GT-117C
Cross Reference List

Generic dimensions:
1.0000" (24.4mm) ID x 2.5000" (63.5mm) OD x 0.7500" (19.05mm) Width
ball bearing

6K529 Ball Bearing, Gearbox Rear all MGA and early MGB through 1967. 171-329 Moss Motors Ltd USA 2-809 Victoria British Ltd 6K529 BMC, British Leyland AO36 BMC, British Leyland CM211 BMC, British Leyland SP72G BMC, British Leyland SP726 BMC, British Leyland T631 BMC, British Leyland Manufacturers 00-155-8890 NSN 136539-8 Navair 136539-8 Navsea 311-00-155-8890 NSN MJ1 R&M MS10 FAFNIR MS10 FAG MS10-32002-2 Schatz RMS 8 SKF RMS8 JAF Applications 121-245 General Motors 3611001000 Chrysler 6006930 Thales Security Systems UK Limited 7541080 US Army Tank Automotive Command C5NN7N045A Ford FFB171 Federal Govt Spec

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