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Here's some good news. The split bronze bushing for the MGA (and early MGB) gearshift mechanism just became available again after decades of absence.

Split bronze bushing for shift mechanism For many years the only available replacement for this part has been a molded nylon part which is prone to age failure. One of our fellow MG enthusiasts has made up a batch in bronze as original, and is prepared to make more if needed. These will be $20 per pair delivered in the USA (add actual shipping cost for other parts of the world), split bushing made from Unobtanium and will include the retaining ring.

For more information, contact:

Gregory G Brown
3034 Cribbon Av.
Cheyenne Wyoming 82001 USA

Phone: (307) 632-8239,
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM MST please (GMT -0600).
E-mail: "Gregory G Brown" <>

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