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GASKET for Remote Control Tower - GT-122

The MGA gearbox remote control tower is mounted on a "Stop Plate" which requires two gaskets. Many gearbox gasket sets will contain only one piece for this gasket, so you may some day want to make your own gasket. Click for a large scale pattern for four gaskets on one page. See dimensions on the template. When you print this you may need to set a scale factor for your printer or adjust the page margins to make the pattern print to exactly the right size.
Click for full size gasket template
The four up pattern is intended to print on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper, but other paper size may do as well as long as the scale factor or margins are set properly. I like to cut 8-1/2 inch wide pieces from a manila file folder and run that through a printer to print the pattern directly on the heavy card stock. Then I punch holes and cut with razor knife or scissors to produce these gaskets. If you want to make 8 or more at a time you can tape or staple together two or more sheets of card stock to make multiple pieces.

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