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LAYGEAR with Improved Bearings - GT-204B
Moss Motors Ltd USA 461-571 and Moss Europe Ltd 22H54K


Moss Motors has recently introduced a replacement laygear with full compliment roller bearings (20 rollers) of longer length (with shortened spacer), suitable for MGA and early MGB 3-synchronizer gearboxes. It is supplied as a kit including a new layshaft and a shortened dummy layshaft to facilitate installation. It runs on a standard layshaft, so it is a drop-in installation with no modification to the gearbox housing. The new rollers are 29-mm long, which is slightly longer than two of the original roller bearings end to end, so it is equivalent to installing two original full compliment bearings in each end of the laygear. See Supplemental Information sheet.

Since this setup runs on a standard layshaft, there may still be some concern for surface hardness of the shaft which serves as the inner bearing race. See prior Faulty Parts report FT-050.

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