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Extended (Welded) Remote Shift Housing Extension - GT-310

Dana R ("Restoman" on MG Experience server) in Amston, Connecticut, USA, has this shifter modification to offer. When installing an MGB gearbox in the MGA, the hand shift lever will be located 2-1/4 inches forward of the normal position for the MGA. This may be an uncomfortably long reach for some people, or you might bash your knuckles on the heater control parts. This series of pictures details cutting and welding to extend the remote shifter housing to relocate the shift lever more rearward to normal position for MGA.

MGB shifter extension housing needs 2-1/4" rearward movement to put shift lever into center of MGA tunnel opening. Starting with two MGB extension housings, both housings are marked with "cut here" lines. A band saw makes quick work of the cutting.

5/8 (0.625)x 12" precision ground steel rod stock used as alignment tool through steel shift rod bushings. Two roll pins inserted to prevent twisting while welding.

Both shafts marked with same 2-1/4" difference as the housings, one long and short. Marks cut into shift rods at weld joint to keep both ends in correct alignment. Ready for welding

After welding photos.

Housing back from welding shop, and tool rod still slides easily. MIG welded shift rod together after grinding a "V" notch all around joint. Kept it aligned using two aluminum channels clamped to the rod and tack welded 180 degrees apart, then rotated and welded all around. Shift rod still slides and rotates easily.

Remains of 3rd bushing support only needed for alignment for welding. Will be removed later. Bushing support ground off. Finished assembly.

And a little less than three years later, Dana R wrote:
"Transmission mounted and tunnel fits. Only had to cut the top 2 bolt boss down 1/4" to get clearance with firewall sheet metal.

Reverse light switch removed and plug installed from another non-O.D. case.

Shifter came out in center of tunnel just as planned".

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