The MGA With An Attitude

The pictures and the following description are supplied by Rand Smith via the mgacars group on the Yahoo groups server.

automatic gearbox from MGC and bellhousing from Austin Marina automatic gearbox in place

"My 1957 MGA is an Automatic car, with an 1800 5-main bearing 1965 engine, 1973 Austin Marina Bell Housing, 1969 MGC Automatic Transmission and 1966 Jaguar E-type 2+2 drive shaft. It took some research but the end result was worth the time and effort spent on the project. I did it all in my Garage. -- Rand

Here's another one up for sale in July 2013. It looks the same as any other MGA, until you notice the in-line shifter (and slightly odd interior trim color combination).
MGA with automatic gearbox MGA with automatic gearbox MGA with automatic gearbox
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