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At 08:16 AM 11/8/2007 -0700, Emanuele in Italy wrote:
"I want to know the original numbers stamped on the Smiths heater plate on the MGA's heater."

heater tag numbers
Numbers stamped on standard Heater Number Plate
Code: FHR2453, Model: F275, Voltage: 12

Twin Cam heater Twin Cam heater tag
Numbers stamped on Twin Cam Heater Number Plate
Code: FHR2457/01, Model: 275, Voltage: 12

Early MGA heater tag
CHS 4600/5
___2 3/4___
Early MGA heater tags
Heater number tag from a very early MGA 1500, Car No. HDA13/10629, Nov. 1955. This has very different numbers on it, and the tags are fixed to the heater box so they are in line, not one above the other as in later cars. The 2 3/4 probably became F 275 as it was easier to punch three full size numbers rather than a number and the fraction. Model CHS became FHR, the middle letter probably standing for Heater, but the other letters remain a mystery.

MGA heater tags from (c)86600
MGA heater tags from (c)86600, February 1960 production.
John Bender, car in family since new, plate still original.

MGA heater tag differences
Photo from Del Rawlins in Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Top tag original. Center tag is replacement from Classic Reproductions in England. Lower tag is the one sold by most other vendors, which is incorrect in multiple features.

MGA heater tag differences
Photo from Jim Cheatham in Amelia, Virginia, USA
MGA Coupe HML43/31994, production May 29, 1957

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