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On 3/27/2011, Daniel Casey wrote:
"You might install a Lucas LUCAS GL 239 serial number 54420839 Rotor. It has a rev limiter incorporated (mechanical) set at 3325 RPM at distributor (6650 RPM at crankshaft)".
Rev limiting rotor and original rotor, top Rev limiting rotor and original rotor, bottom
Rev limiting rotor close up Rev limiting rotor part number
The part works with centrifugal force and a mechanical shift at the designated rotor speed, shorting the brass rotor arm to ground.
grounding contact extended grounding contact extended
Beware when shopping for these things that different model numbers will have different speed limits. I have so far spoted these:
54417627 - 2700 rpm - Jaguar 4.2 MK10,420G,420,
Series 2 Etype and early XJ6 with Automatic transmission
54420839 - 3325 rpm - Rover 2000 TC, MK1 Lotus Cortina
54422688 - 3250 rpm - Lotus Elan
54424982 - 3500 rpm - Lotus Elan in the 1960's.
Correct for MGA Twin Cam and Jensen Healey.

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