The MGA With An Attitude
This tip was contributed by Carl Knoll in Felton, Deleware.

I used this method after the usual liquid looseners, prying, heating and all simultaneous combination of those didnít get the distributor to move more than about 1/16Ē after a couple hours of trying. First I removed all the insides of the distributor. The most important item to remove is the screw that is in the top of the center shaft. I then got my cheap-o body dent puller and found a bolt that was about one and a half inches long and had the same thread as the screw removed from the center shaft. To get the bolt head (in this case a flat tip screwdriver head) to fit into the dent puller tip nut I had to grind the bolt head to a slightly smaller diameter. I screwed the bolt into the distributor shaft as far as it would go so that I had as much thread engagement as possible. I then captured the head of the bolt in the tip nut of the dent puller.

In less than two minutes of impacting with the dent puller sliding weight the distributor was out. Make sure you keep the dent puller in line with the distributor shaft the entire time it is installed. The photos show the tool configuration and installation into the distributor. The pictures were taken after I put the parts back into the distributor.

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