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VACUUM LINE CLIP For Fuel Trap - IG-119

By popular demand, we now have a drawing for the clip holding the fuel trap on the vacuum pipe for distributor vacuum advance. It is item 38 in the illustration below. Click for a full scale drawing.
vacuum line
The fastener parts for this clip are:
(39) PMZ0216 Bolt - for clip Pan Head Zinc #6-40-UNF x 1" Long
(40) PWZ102 Washer - plain #6 Zinc standard flat washer
(41) LWZ202 Washer - spring #6 Zinc medium spring lockwasher
(42 CNZ102 Nut #6-40-UNF Zinc Hex Nut, standard strength

This is a drawing of a replacement part purchased in 2001. I cannot guarantee it is exactly as original, but it is certainly functional. My replacement part has a slightly larger diameter screw, 0.150-inch diameter (3.8-mm), and I have no idea what thread it has. It does have a matching hex nut, but no washers. The original #6 screw would be 0.138-inch diameter, and the curl on the bracket may originally be slightly smaller.

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