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On Dec 9, 2016, Joseph Ahrberg in Hoosick Falls, New York, USA wrote:
"I opened the box containing my carpet kit and found that there are quite a few firm wrinkles in the carpet, and the wrinkles are quite pronounced. I've tried laying them flat and placing a stack of books on them; I've also tried a hair dryer to soften the backing but so far they are unchanged. The photo shows the piece of carpet that goes over the gear shift lever. I'm sure this is typical so, what has worked for you guys"?

David Looy in Campbell River B.C., Canada wrote:
"I bought a used wallpaper steam remover from Goodwill for $5. It works perfectly for removing those wrinkles, and use it when installing over curved areas and corners".

Joseph Ahrberg wrote:
"I put the tea pot on and moved the carpet back and forth over the steam (both sides) and put the stack of books on it and it worked like a charm".

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