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DOOR PANELS And POCKETS, Fabicating -- INT-103F

Door Kick Panel Find templates for these panels and pockets on prior pages.

The photos and notes below are courtesy of Barry Measom.
Door pocket backer panel
Door pocket assembly
Door pocket liner panel
Photos of door trim from templates.
Door pocket assembly Door pocket assembly Door pocket assembly
I've just finished the left hand door trim on my car using the templates on your site. The doors on my car had no trim at all, so I had no old parts for reference. I started with 3.6 mm plywood (this was thinnest available locally). I printed the door card template at 25% and just multiplied measurements by 4. Door panel template works fine, but I had a problem getting the upper front curve to fit well as the nut and washer (original placement) interfered with the hardboard. I got around this by cutting board back but keeping vinyl to original shape and this just sits over nut. The other door doesn't have this problem.

The pocket was also made to templates and fits well. I used "mill board" which has a pre finished vinyl like surface which closely matches door card. I had to score board halfway through to fold. This leaves raw edges but these are covered on final assembly. So door templates work, but I would trial fit door card and drill all holes before covering. Screw holes can be picked from back and pushed through after covering. I also drilled 4 holes to clear door lock screws in plywood but not vinyl so pane sits better around lock. The door card also interfered with the rear mounting pin where it extended past mounting sleeve in door. I cut the pin flush with the mounting sleeve so it won't wear the door cards; this doesn't affect side screen mounting.

I am pleased with the results, although it took me two days to do one door; second one was much quicker.

A tip for fitting stiffener bar. Fit to uncovered door panel. Drill mounting holes through panel from rear. Mount panel to door and drill through to door. Remove stiffener and screw to door. Hole in panel will be covered by vinyl. -- Barry

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