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Matching COLOR OF LEATHER -- INT-113

On 10/5/2011, Frank in Midland, Texas wrote:
"What is the name of the color of your interior? I have the same, but am missing some rail covers and need a color name to get more leather/synthetic cover material".

The color name is simply "Tan". Do not expect to get an exact color match on leather, not ever. The only way to do that (maybe) would be to start with uncolored leather, then trial and error mixing and application of dye, similar to attempting to match color of faded paint.

Even when buying material from the same source that produced the original material, the supplier will tell you outright not to expect exact color match (or maybe even pattern match for the textured surface). My best advice is to take a sample to a local upholstery shop to see what they may be able to find as a close match. I had a seat back panel replaced by a pro shop in 1997. The best they could do was a piece of Jaguar leather in Tan that was a reasonable color match but missed substantially on the surface texture. This was particularly noticeable in the seat back where the new material was placed next to part of the old material. It may not be so bad if new material is used for cockpit trim rails. Don't expect a new center arm rest to look right between old seats.

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