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From the Service Parts List:
De-luxe Seats (Optional Extra), Seat Assembly - bucket - R.H. (or L.H.)
"If this seat is requested after car delivery, 1 off floorboard - R.H. AHH5748 (or L.H. AHH5740), 8 off screws CMZ0420 are to be supplied also".

Change of floor parts: Standard parts: AHH5205 Floorboard - R.H. AHH5206 Floorboard - L.H. CPZ0416 Screw - fixing floorboard - (8 req'd) For C/D seats: AHH5748 Floorboard - R.H. AHH5749 Floorboard - L.H. CMZ0420 Screw - fixing floorboard - (8 req'd) The CMZ0420 screws are 1/4 inch longer and not pointed.

The SPL is misleading when it calls this "Screw - fixing floorboard". These screws are used to "fix" (attach) the seat lower tubular frame to the upper moving slide rails, 8 screws per seat, 16 screws for 2 seats.

As of this writing, I do not know the difference in the floorboards. The adjustable slide rails are not changed. Center distance between the slides is unchanged at 12 inches. Due to shape of the bottom frame mounting tubes, the slide rails may need to be installed farther aft for the C/D seats (but so far speculation).

Change of seat colors: Fin. (C) 2192 (T/C): AFH5668 Green - Green AFH5670 Grey - Grey AFH5676 Black - Green AFH6560 Black - Blue Com. (C) 2193 (T/C): AFH6774 Beige - Beige AFH6776 Black - Blue (Different part number for different shade of blue piping?)

The C/D Seat color change point for the Twin Cam coincides with the change from 1500 to 1600 body style. Oddly, the C/D Seats are not listed in the 1500 SPL. This implies that they were optionally available on the early Twin Cam cars, but were not offered as an option on the standard 1500 cars. They are listed in the 1600 SPL. With the note about the different floorboards being required for C/D Seats being installed after delivery, it is clear that the C/D seats could be retrofit in 1500 type cars.

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