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MGA Seat Belts - Shoulder Harness Bracket Retrofit -- INT-120A

shoulder harness mount insert
Shoulder harness mount insert (aftermarket)
shoulder harness mount point in MK-II car
Anchor point for shoulder harness in 1600-MK-II roadster
shoulder harness mount area in 1500-1600 roadsters
Shoulder harness mounting area
in 1500 and 1600 roadsters

Section SS.2 of the Workshop Manual details installation of seat belts in 1600-MK-II cars, starting with car number 100352 in March 1961, in which the seat belt mounting points were standard from the factory, and no drilling or welding was required. Photo above left shows the anchor point under the rear body tonneau of MK-II cars for the shoulder harness attachment. The center photo, which is common to all MGA roadsters, shows the pody brace a bit farther inboard.

new shoulder belt anchor point installed Photo above right shows an aftermarket adapter/repair piece available from Todd Clarke Restorations. This piece is to fit between the body rear cockpit rail flange and the rear bulkhead, just inboard from the inner fender, same location shown in the first photo. This new piece is a duplicate of the original MK-II body part (except for an extra center threaded nut). The additional large center nut allows attachment of a single-bolt belt end. Photo at left shows it installed.

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