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Original part number, OEM and NOS

These pictures show new original MGA seat belts with the part numbers for the Coupe up to (c)100351. Thanks to Edward Vandyk in the UK for the pictures. Instructions for installing the seat belts are found in the MGA Workshop Manual Sections S and SS.
Original 3-point seat belts Original 3-point seat belts
Original 3-point seat belts
For cars from (c)100352 onward where the anchor points are in place from the factory, all cars, Tourers and Coupes, use the same belt kits with only one part number, AHH6122, applicable for both L.H. and R.H. sides.

For cars before (c)100352 the numbers are a bit confusing. The book calls for different part numbers for R.H. and L.H. kits, and I don't know yet why they are handed. Section S calls for all Tourers and Coupes to use AHH6141 (R.H.) and AHH 6193 (L.H.). Section SS calls for Tourers to use the same part numbers, but the Coupe will have AHH6175 (R.H.) and AHH6194 (L.H.). Again, as yet, I do not know why they are handed or why the Coupe parts are different from the Tourer parts. My first guess is that the Tourer kits have chrome plated parts where they are exposed on top of the body tonneau, while the Coupe parts attaching to the inner wheel arch may not be chrome. I hope to have more information in the near future.
Original 3-point seat belts
Now for a bit of a chuckle, see picture above. The only difference noted between the left and right hand belt kits is that ONE of the anchor ends on one side only is zinc plated while all the rest of the metal parts are chrome. That may only be a difference in production date, if for instance plating was changed from chrome to zinc as a cost reduction. So far no other clue why the RH and LH part numbers are different, or why only one piece was not chromed (perhape a production error).

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