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MGA Seat Belts - INERTIA REEL #4 -- INT-125D

On 6/22/2016, Peter Todd wrote:
"I am about to copy Andy Hintons method of fitting retractor seat belts. .... I had occasion to go to a DIY wreckers yard, and checked out an Alfa Romeo 156 of 2008 vintage. The rear seat belts were rear parcel shelf mounted. The belts were exactly what I wanted All I had to do was to remove them (they were a PITA to remove). The icing on the cake, The belts had hardly been used and were in 'As new' condition, and they cost the princely sum of $25 each, including the part that they clip into.
"As the belt comes off the spool, it slides on an inbuilt ramp, and does not alter in its height in relation the spool center, so the opening in the MG rear bulkhead, needs only to be wide and deep enough to allow the buckle to pass through. The 156 has a split bezel fitted to the parcel shelf trim, that could be made to fit in the MG rear bulkhead panel, and allow the buckle to pass through. Fortunately, my trim is black, as is the Alfa seat belts. Looking for belts? Look no more. Just find a DIY Wrecking Breakers yard that has Alfas in stock".

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