The MGA With An Attitude

This is a picture (or two) of the Crane Cams degree wheel installed on the crankshaft in place of the crankshaft pulley. At the upper left is a pointer bracket that I fabricated and attached to the generator adjusting stud on the engine front plate. The engine is rotated to top dead center, the degree wheel and pointer are attached, and the wheel is adjusted with TDC at the pointer.

Degree wheel installed

Below is a better view of my fabricated pointer. You will also notice the timing chain in plain view. If you are just checking up on the timing of the cam or the clearance of the valves you would not need to remove the timing cover to expose the timing chain, just install the degree wheel in place of the crankshaft pulley. The degree wheel is held in place with the original crank nut and a centering bushing that is part of the Crane tool kit. The same tool kit also includes a piston stop that can be screwed into the #1 spark plug hole to bump (just touch) the piston a bit before and after TDC in order to determine the exact location of TDC for setting up the degree wheel.

Degree wheel pointer installed

For full information on the Tune-A-Cam tool kit and everything you ever wanted to know about how to set up proper cam timing, visit the Crane Cams excellent web site. If you're a little curious about eyebrows, just go on to the next page.

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