The MGA With An Attitude

Roller camshaft is brought to you by Brian Mc Cullough of BMC British Automobile LLC in Isanti, Minnesota, USA. Think MGA 1500 with MGB 1800 engine transplant, pushed out to over 1900-cc, roller cam, high compression, cylinder head mods, aluminum flywheel, HS6 carburetors, exhaust headers, may be double the power of the original engine. Also 5-speed, 1.91:1 final drive, and front disc brakes. Ran for the first time on Sep 19, 2017. See YouTube video

Brian Mc Cullough wrote:
"This would increase the cost of the cam, lifters and machining by a few thousand. Keeping up with supercharged engines for less than the price of a supercharger (or a supercharged engine with this cam for even more capability).

Just drove it. No speedometer or tach but when I was staying with traffic which flows about 65mph at that point, I went down from 5th to 3rd in the standard wide ratio T9 with the 3.9:1 rear end and it pulled around nicely. It is not an all on race car but I think it would at least keep up with a well built supercharged car. Bear in mind, stock needles and no tune whatsoever. It has more potential but a little more time on the clock and tuning before its pushed too much. It is safe to say that any decent B-Series would have a very tough time keeping up.

It's still a pushrod engine. The rollers have to be fit as the bore size to the block is too small for any current manufactured systems. If tuning and all goes according to plan, the owner may have to 'test' drive it at the Waumandee Hillclimb".

On Sep 24, 2017. Brian Mc Cullough wrote:
"10 Test miles on the MGA this last week. We were supposed to bring it to the hillclimb in Waumandee, WI, for a couple of 'parade laps' only but, it was fully baptized between the owner and myself taking the hill more than 10 times".

On Sep 25, 2017. Jeff Schlemmer in Shakopee, Minnesota, USA wrote:
"I have the prototype cam in my MGB. With a properly tuned DCOE, it pulls very strong and the cam design is for street use, not race use. Lopey idle, significant breathing improvements. There is another one here locally installed in an MGA that dyno'd at 112 hp if I recall properly, and that was with poorly tuned 1-3/4-inch SUs that were not well balanced, and a big exhaust leak to boot. There's a LOT of potential here, but there are a couple of real hurdles for a DIYer. Valve springs, custom pushrods, and boring the lifter bores are a must, not to mention a little clearancing required in the block. Its not as simple a conversion as the T-series with the Len Fanelli cams".

Then Brian Mc Cullough wrote:
"There is a bit more than Len's XPAG camshaft, but I think once the 'book as been written', which between us I think is pretty close, it is repeatable with less questions, hassle and more specific items such as push rod components, valve types with keys and so on. For the hillclimb results this weekend after only about 10 street miles and the car not really being truly ready or geared right, I would say its worth doing again".

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