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REAR SEAL for the 5-Main Bearing Crankshaft - PP-201C

When an MGB 1800 5-main bearing engine is installed in an MGA, you need to use the engine rear plate that matches whatever gearbox you want to install. When mating a 5-main bearing engine (1965 or later) to a 3-synchronizer gearbox (pre-1968), you need to bore out the large hole in the rear plate to accept the rubber seal that is required for the 5-main crankshaft.

The original seal is Silicone rubber, commonly red color, and has a variety of BMC, Austin, Rover part numbers. There is also an upgraded seal in Viton material, commonly black. This seal is often sold with a thin tubular assembly tool to help boost the seal lip over the end of the crankshaft without seal damage. This is particularly helpful if you have installed a Speedy-Sleeve on the crankshaft. The seal might also be available in kit form including the steel retainer plate 12H1547 (as seen in article PP-201).

88G621 Oil seal, MGB 1965 to 80, BMC, Rover
Inner Diameter = 88,9 mm (3.500-in)
Outer Diameter = 104,7 mm (4.125-in)
Width = 9,5 mm (0.375-in)
Mat'l: = MVQ (Silicone Elastomer) (Left-hand Twist)
Ajisa            15038800
Austin, Rover    ADU9143
Austin, Rover    AHU2157
Austin, Rover    AHU2242
Austin, Rover    AHU2242Z
Austin, Rover    CAM9991
Austin, Rover    K418FF01 
Austin, Rover    LUF10002
Bars             INA51727
BMC, Rover       88G621
BMCS/PRIMA       131021 
Corteco          12011270B
Corteco          15510201B
Fai Autoparts    OS772
Glaser           77127
Goetze           5031942000
Land Rover       EER6130
Leyland          13H2457
Malo             1153RSSI
Moss UK          LUF10002 (Silicone)
Moss UK          LUF10002/2 (Viton)
Moss USA         120-820 (Silicone)
Moss USA         120-821 (Viton)
Mercedes-Benz    6039970146
Perkins          K418FF01 
Victoria British 5-816 

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