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Rear Hub PAPER GASKET (with template) - RA-103A

MGA rear hub gasket Click on image for printable full scale template.

MGA rear axle bearing hub gasket must be 0.010 inch thick paper for proper clamping fit of outer bearing race. Paper too thin could lead to deformation of the rotating bearing housing and/or the halfshaft flange or splined hub flange. Paper too thick could leave the outer bearing race lose to walk around (orbit) in the rotating hub, ultimately causing hub housing wear and oil leak.

I have never figured out for sure if the paper gasket should be allowed to overlap on the O-ring, but my guess is no. I made the center hole of the gasket just large enough to fit around the larger O-ring in the 1500 type hub so it does not interfere with the O-ring. Since introduction of the O-ring in early 1500 production, the paper gasket has no function as a seal. However, it must be installed, and it must be correct thickness, as it is part of the assembly stack that determines axial clamping on the wheel bearing outer race. By coincidence, a paper shopping bag happened to be 0.010 inch thick, but do measure the paper thickness first if you are going to make the gaskets.

There was a Confidential Service Memorandum MG/246 relating a change of part number for this paper gasket. I suspect this was only a change of material, no change of dimensions.

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