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for Rear Hub Bearing Nut

On 1/11/2010, Jim Patterson wrote:
"While re-installing the rear wheel bearing, I accidentally screwed up the threads on the axel for the large axel nut. Have you had any experience with a tool called an outside thread chaser? Do you happen to know the size and threads per inch on this fitting. Using the proper nut to chase the threads is not working -- any advice?"

See Universal Thread Chaser in article TS-115. It works with a little finesse, if you are only trying to clean up some burrs on an otherwise complete thread. The thread pitch is 16 threads per inch.

First bear in mind that the left side has left hand threads. Plan on buying a new nut. They are not cheap as replacement parts go, but it's less than half the cost of a universal thread chaser.

Split the old nut through one side using a hack saw or an abrasive cut-off grinder. Spread the nut open enough to get it onto the male thread. Position the nut far enough in to be behind the damaged part of the thread, sitting on good male threads. Squeeze the nut back together with a big clamp so it will fit tight on the male thread. Apply oil liberally. Keeping the clamp applied, unscrew the nut all the way off to chase and straighten the male threads. It may require a couple runs for full clean up. Then install a new nut.

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