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MGA Slot, Gold Plated

Gold plated slot car -- from 1960s VIP Victory Industries MGA

This one appeared on eBay in March 2013, sold for GBP 1,250.00 (approx. $1,921.00-USD). Description was:

"VIP / Victory Industries MGA car in gold vacuum plated finish. Acquired from the family of a chap who worked at the Guildford factory back in the 1960s. Apparently it (and another gold Austin Healey, listed separately) was made for a trade fair back then, and according to the family were the only ones made. The car is in generally very good order - the bodywork has a few speckled bits of dust etc in places, that might polish off. The windscreen has warped slightly and has a break at the base almost half way along. All bumpers, lights and other little chrome bits are present. Everything underneath looks intact, but the car is untested".

I have no idea why gold plating on the outside should make it that valuable (aside from maybe being a one-off). If you had a standard one you could likely have it gold plated for less money. What is described as "a few speckled bits of dust etc in places, that might polish off" is likely corrosion or pitting of the thin plating. I first thought it was die cast pot metal, but someone assures me it is plastic.

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