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Important MGA Restorations
This section includes some really great photos
and descriptions about body and chassis restoration.

RT-500 - EX-182/38 Restoration - A Savage family project
EX182/38 EX182/38 EX-182 was a pre-production works competition car. Four cars were built to race at La Mans in 1955, and one or two additional cars a little later. This one is apparently the only one to survive.

os 10106 - First MGA out of the factory - Maynard's Garage
The first MGA to be dispatched from the factory. Also the first exported to North America. Now completely restored by Maynard's Garage. A few restoration picturees on their web site. A DVD documenting the full restoration is available for purchase.

os 1957 Sebring MGA #51 Restoration - Vintage Restorations Limited
If these links don't work, try the WayBack Machine
os History of the car - Photos as found and in process
os 1957 David Ash interview at Sebring
(216KB requires RealPlayer or RealOne)
os 1958 MGA TwinCam Restoration - In process, July '05
RT-501 - EX-186 - mystery, reappearance, and restoration.
7 web pages plus an off site link for more information.

os 1959 MGA Coupe Restoration - Graham Barber
os Bumpers, tyres and wings - Heater, dash, fuel tank, door sills -
os Door restoration - Wings, panel beating - Passenger side -
os Driver's side, boot, seats - Front driver's side, dashboard -
os Dashboard, roof pillar rebuild
1961 Sebring MGA after restoration 1961 Sebring MGA not restored
RT-502 - 1961 Sebring MGA - before & after restoration ----

os 1961 Sebring MGA #43 Restoration - Frank Graham
os Before restoration - Sill repairs - Front clip repairs
os Chassis and suspension repair - Sebring 2002 photos

RT-503 - The historic 100,000th MGA
RT-504 - A Twin Cam called Ratty - John Day
Marvelous documentation of a three year restoration project.

os The MGA Restoration Project - David Breneman
os Site map - 39 pages - January '02 - July '04
MGA 1600-MK-II Restoration in Italy
Start to finish in a 13 minute video (on YouTube)
os - My classic Car - part 1  -  os - My classic Car - part 2
os Eclectic Motorworks. LLC - Holland, Michigan, USA
Sheet metal repairs. Specializing in MGA. Find pictures of:
MGA 1500 - Chassis Restoration
MGA Twin Cam - Chassis and sheet metal restoration
MGA 1600 - Sheet metal restoration
MGA 1600 MKII - Sheet metal restoration
MGA - Performance tuning

Henry's MGA
1957 MGA start to finish restoration
with photos and notes
os - Henry's Blogspot

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