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Body Weight and BOLTS Securing BODY TO FRAME - RT-103A

On 11 November 2008 Christopher Wilson in North Carolina wrote:
>>"About how much force is required to remove the body once all the bolts are out?"

The bare main body shell without exterior panels weighs very close to 200 pounds (depending on amount of paint), even up 100 front and 100 rear. Two average guys in good health can pick it up by hand (lift at front and back). Balance point (center of gravity) is about 4-inches aft of the front cockpit rail. Doors, fenders, bonnet, deck lid and bare dash panel (all bare) will add about 100 pounds more (estimated). Heater shelf packing along top of frame goalpost may stick.

>>"I've removed all the body bolts but can't get the body to budge."
Bolts between body and frame
Body to frame bolts include 4 in the front corners, 9 on front edge of the heater shelf, 4 bolts down each side outside aft of the front splash panel, 2 inside near the A-posts, 2 underneath just aft of the B-posts, 2 in the boot floor, and 4 in the rear corners. Total 31. Lots of people miss removing the two underneath. There may also be a few sheet metal screws inside where the body flanges sit on the side frame rails, especially on the up-slope ahead of the door opening.

See also BD-150 - BOLTS in the Body Assembly (in the Body section),
and BD-151 - BODY REMOVAL or INSTALLATION As An Assembly.

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