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CAR NUMBER PLATE, Guarantee or Warranty? -- RT-107A

Early MGA 1500 Original ID plate Early MGA 1500 Original ID plate
Notice on the two plates shown at top of page, the word in the lower left corner may be "GUARANTEE" or "WARRANTY". With a public pole I discovered the highest number known (so far) to say "Guarantee" is car no. 10979. Number plates from the MG TF model said "Guarantee" and ended with car no. 10100. Number plates for MGA start (continue) at car no. 10101. It appears that lettering on the plate was first changed from "TF" to "MGA" for the first production batch (perhaps 1000 plates), then changed from "Guarantee" to "Warranty" for subsequent production. It may also be that the different plates were mixed and used in some random order near the change over point, so some cars between 10500 and 11500 (approximately) may say either "Guarantee" or "Warranty".

Since I got wrapped up in this quest I am collecting data for which plates have which word, and I will list all know occurrences here. Anyone with one of the first 1000 MGA and a known original plate is encouraged to notify me of the word on the plate, either "Guarantee" or "Warranty". There may also be a plate number somewhat higher than 11000 with the word "Guarantee".

10151 G
10626 G
10721 G
10849 G
10935 G
10970 G
10979 G
11563 W
13086 W
13423 W

10151 = Guarantee

10225 = Guarantee

10626 = Guarantee

10721 = Guarantee

10970 = Guarantee
There are also number plates from Australian built CKD cars that say "Guarantee", but that's an entirely different issue.

As of late 2011, Serge Vliegen in Belgium is producing another version of the early MGA 1500 plate with the word "Guarantee" to suit the small number of early MGA owners who want the best for concours show. See photo at right. Click for larger image. For ordering information go to:


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