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CAR NUMBER PLATE, Restoring The Original -- RT-107B

On 9/16/2014, Neil McGurk in Cumbria, UK wrote:
"I had a reasonable success by cleaning completely and then spraying matt black. I then rubbed gently on some wet and dry paper stretch tight on a flat surface. I had to redo a few places by hand, but overall it looks ok. I finished by spraying it over with lacquer. That improved the appearance quite a bit".
1622 Original ID plate
"I cleaned it of all residue of aluminium oxide and also lightly polished the plate with about 1200 grit, then metal polish with wire wool. I was lucky the plate was pretty flat to start with, so I just pushed it against a flat surface from the front then the back a few times with my fingers. The areas of paint that don't rub off the lettering, together with the areas of background that get rubbed off have to be done by hand and that takes quite a lot of time and effort. I used a matt black paint that was very thin so the edges of the touched in bits didn't show. They disappeared altogether after I applied the lacquer. I found the real secret to a good result was to get an even polish on the plate before applying the paint. The spraying and rubbing just gives a really good start to the detailing process".

On 9/22/2014, Jim Cheatham wrote:
"I have been able to somewhat restore my original ID plate. I may try to redo the word WARRANTY. It looked better before I sprayed it with clear coat. Overall, it's much better than before and at least it's the original plate".
Early MGA 1500 Original ID plate Early MGA 1500 Original ID plate
Before and after some restoration effort.

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