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RUST REMOVAL, Chemical - RT-203C

Vinegar bath:
Take the offending rusted parts and dump them in a glass or plastic jar filled with vinegar (white vinegar works fine). Let them sit for a couple of days and then pull them out and clean them using a fine wire wheel. If all the corrosion is not removed, put them back in the vinegar for another couple of days. Wire wheel them again and your hardware will emerge clean and shiny. Of course, rust pits will not disappear, but the rust will be gone. You can use steel wool or a wire brush if a wire wheel is too awkward. This method is non-toxic and inexpensive.

Commercial chemical:
There some commercial chemical brews that are cheap enough and generally non-toxic. You can check out Evapo-Rust. A couple of friends have been using Evapo-Rust with very good results.

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