The MGA With An Attitude
Rolling CHASSIS DOLLY #1 - RT-211
Information for this gadget is supplied by John Hill

This a simple stand that can be made with standard pipe fitting parts. The wheels shown are used by builders to roll scaffolding around. Harbor Freight has a variety of caster wheels that could work as well. The pipe size used was 1-1/4 inch for all parts. Pipes are to be threaded at both ends. You can break it down as much as you want. I just disconnect the unions and rotate the cross bar to go under the side bars. The wheels are a slip fit into the pipe. This was used to hold the MGA frame and main body weldment. The stand supports the frame, not the body by itself.
body dolly breakdown
A24 FT (48 in) of 1 Gal. pipe
B23 FT (36 in) of 1 Gal. pipe
C41 FT (12 in) of 1 Gal. pipe
D2Pipe union for 1 Gal. pipe
E6Close nipple for1 Gal. pipe
F4Scaffolding wheels
G490 degree elbow for 1 Gal. pipe
H4Tee fitting for 1 Gal. pipe

body dolly body dolly

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