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ROCKER PANELS, Classic Parts 4U - RT-402C4

rocker panels Really cheap, but apparently you get what you pay for. The end flange was formed in a metal brake leaving a nasty kink in the middle. It would require a lot of hammer and dolly work to smooth out the curve.

On February 09, 2012, Eric Taylor in Charlotte, NC, USA wrote:
"I bought a pair of these. Seemed like too good of a price to pass up ("seemed like" is the key phrase here). I figured making the indentation where the rockers fit under the rear fenders would be pretty hard to make so I ordered a set just to see how good or bad they were in that area. Turns out they are hacked off where that indentation "should be". Probably can cut that area off the originals and weld it to these. I'll have way more time in them than if I had just ordered a "good" set but had to see. That bend in the edge is where they made the curve in the panel without using a shrinker on that edge. May not even use them. I could tell the seller was not familiar with the MGA in particular but just a reseller so didn't expect much". -- Eric
rocker panels rocker panels
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