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Body Sill Replacement - RT-614C
The Simpler Formed Box Panels, Pictures

Following on from the prior page, this is what happens when an MGA owner in the middle of an MGA restoration is in charge of a modern stainless steel sheet metal fabrication shop. He and a CAD designer and a machine operator can tinker a little after hours in evenings and weekends, and a little modern magic can produce a precision part. This is the result of following up the the idea of a shallow angle bend to divide the twisted lower surface into two perfectly flat triangles. The prototype part shown here was produced on a production machine using the modern standard programming and numerical control automatic forming.

Here are pictures from the computer screen showing how the box is formed by the numerical control (automatic) forming machine. For a larger lot (about 50 pieces) it makes sense to program the machine limit stops. Then the fabrication time for one box is about 3 minutes. The time to laser cut it is about 1 min. The drawings for the boxes and the gussets are in process in mid April 2012 (give it a couple of weeks). If a company has a bending machine like Trumpf or Bystronic or Amada they can manufacture it for an acceptable price.

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