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U-JOINT Cross Reference List (for MGs), Steering -- SR-117

Steering Universal Joint Interchange List of part numbers from various sources, equal to BMC part numbers for MGA and MGB through 1974.

People have been asking, so here it is.
Generic dimensions (in inches) for the steering U-joint are:
    Bearing cap diameter = 0.0750-in. (19.04mm)
    Width across caps = 2.046-in. (51.98mm)

The most common numbers on the internet are GMB GU300 and GKN HS119, and other brands cross reference to these numbers. There are lots of oriental manufacturers advertising "all brands or plain boxes". The common British brand is Unipart GUJ200. I haven't found a number for Hardy-Spicer yet, but Moss Motors seems to have it.

steering Universal Joint spider
steering Universal Joint assembly
17H3873 or
GUJ200  BMC, British Leyland, Rover Group
 263-260   Moss Motors - Aftermarket
 263-265   Moss Motors - Hardy-Spicer
GUJ200   Rock Auto (cheap)

BMC and | 17H3873, GUJ200 British Leyland| and Rover Group| DAIMLER C5246 Deepreet ASL076, ASL077 GKN HS119, HS120 GMB GU300, GU350 Hardy-Spicer ???? Italcardand 050.910.000 JAGUAR C5246 JENSEN CT311 Lobro U30, U030 May GU300 MCP 030 Meritor MCP194, MCP194/S Quinton-Hazell QL301 Uni Cardan MCP030 Unipart GUJ200 ------------------------------------------------- U-JOINT APPLICATIONS LIST (for the same part): DAIMLER S Type 3.4,3.8,4.2, 1963-68 GUY Big J Series, 1970-77 all JAGUAR XK140, XK150, 1954-61 2.4 Mk.II, 3.4 Mk.II, 1955-67 3.8 MK-II, 1964-67 3.4,3.8 S Type, 1963-68 240 2.4, 340 3.4, 1966-69 420,420G 4.2,3.8, 1963-1968 E Type 4.2,5.3, 1964-75 JENSEN Interceptor 6.3,7.2 inc.FF,SP, 1965-1976 Jensen GT 2.0, 1974-75 Jensen Healey 2.0, 1972-75 Leyland Redline range, 1961-1984 MG MGA 1500, 1600, 1600-MK-II, Twin Cam, 1955-1962, all MGB, MGB-GT, MK II, MK III, 1962-1974, all 1.8 MGB 3.5 V8, 1973-76 MGC,GT 3.0, 1967-69

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