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INNER Steering BALL JOINT Parts, MGA - SR-202P

On November 22, 2013, Del Rawlins in Anchorage, Alaska, USA wrote:
"There was a little bit of slop in the inner ball joints, so I ended up tearing it down all the way for cleaning and adjustment. I tried to find the correct spanner set for the inner joints, and this has proven to be impossible. Per Barney, the tools aren't really up to the task of separating the inner and outer ball joint housings, and I am inclined to agree after what it took to get mine apart. The pipe wrench and heavy vise were not enough on their own, and both pieces needed to be torched before they would come apart. They were mangled pretty badly in the process, too. I think they'd clean up okay, but I opted to purchase new parts from Victoria British, because they had them listed for significantly less than Moss. The parts arrived yesterday, and so far I am satisfied with the level of quality.
Tie rod inner ball joint parts. MGA
"Replacement parts in the foreground. They were marked as Taiwan manufacture, dated 1999. They fit each other OK as well as the original pieces, although they will need to have shims that are considerably thicker than original. The original housings were shimmed .010" and .015", while the new ones will need shims in the neighborhood of .032" instead. I have plenty of material and will be making my own. The original shims were steel, and not aluminum like the ones Barney encountered. I determined that the outer housings are the cause of the difference in the shim requirements.

"If you order the Zerk fittings from VB, you get straight Zerks, and not 45 degree like the originals".

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