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Electric POWER STEERING for MGA - SR-301

This electric power steering kit for MGA was on display at MG Spares Day at Stoneleigh on February 21, 2010. It is a neat installation and the steering feel is light. It is speed sensitive and adjustable for amount of assist. Cost was about 1500. It is currently a prototype fit in the MGA, expected it to be on the market for the MGA in the next 2 to 3 months (late spring 2010).
RHD electric power steering in the MGA
Photo above shows a RHD installation with the power motor positioned straight up. Photo below shows a LHD installation with the power motor positioned at angle to the left. Apparently these motor positions will avoid interference with the demister vent tubes.
LHD electric power steering in the MGA
The mechanical unit is located in the steering column aft of the firewall. It will create offsetting torque between the steering shaft and the outer housing. Output torque at the U-joint coupling will obviously be greater than input torque at the steering wheel applied by the driver. The difference between input and output torque will be a reaction torque on the assembly outer housing. The two original light weight mounting brackets were not designed to accommodate this reciprocating torque on the column outer shell. I have yet to see how this new housing torque is coupled to the car body.

There is also an ECU module (upper right in the first picture) and various electrical connections. A vehicle ground speed sensor is also required, either via GPS or connection to the speedometer cable or some propshaft speed sensor. Electrical power consumption is about 5 amps, but only momentarily when it is actually working to change steering direction, so overall average power consumption may be smaller. See manufacturer's web site at
electric power steering unit
This one is for Jaguar XK 140, but very similar to the MGA unit.

Addendum January 1, 2012:
I now have a report from an end user, Edward Vandyk in the UK. Edward writes:
    "The issues with it are the time taken getting the splines on the EZ to match the steering wheel (albeit they did warn us this might need doing). In use it is brilliant and the manual adjustment gives one something to play with. It does make a difference but it is not really obvious yet (to me at least) where the default positions should be for low speed or cruising (which seem to me to be the two real variables). I now have a 13" steering wheel in the car which feels strange at first but which makes entry and exit so much easier for some of us"!

There is available a finger adjustable knob/potentiometer for on the fly adjustment of the level of power assist (or force feedback). This device can be installed anywhere, but most likely under the dash near the steering column. The manufacturer's web site has deleted a lot of technical information about how the speed sensitive power assist feedback works. So far I'm guessing that the speed sensor will be a small voltage generator on the back of the speedometer driven by the speedometer cable. We may have more pictures soon.

Installation in RHD MGA.
Notice power assist adjustment potentiometer on bracket under dash.

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